Head Strong.

Hands On.

Head On.

To Strengthen The Public’s Awareness Of Behavioral, Mental, And Developmental Health Through Education, Support, And Advocacy.

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Many people strive to adjust their lives to match the speed and ease that technology brings us all. Today’s society has become so reliant upon technology that in many cases, it has replaced human interaction as many forget or simply overlook the dedicated efforts required to restore our communication and connection to one another. It is as though technology’s rapid growth has become the “substitute” for human value. With rapid increases in technology dependency, the respected value of human interaction diminishes.

Many are not aware of the negative impacts this imposes on humanity as technology overpowers consistent respectful human interaction. The disregard for humanity, compassion, and concern for others only increases self gratification. Affluence, influence, and consumption amplifies this self gratification which decreases awareness of self and others; leaving humanity to be marginalized, neglected, and poorly treated.

Whenever humanity is treated in this manner, humanity returns these troubles to society.

We are then victimized by negative stigmas, behaviors, and reactions.

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. believes there is a dire need for thorough awareness education programs and services because those who continue to go without “heightened” awareness of themselves lose faith and trust in humanity; leaving undetected Behavioral, Mental, and Developmental Health illnesses. Our goal is to transform those we coexist with into individuals who ultimately strengthen humanity through heightened “self-awareness”.


“Head Strong. Hands On. Head On.”