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California to New York!

Hello World!

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. will like to announce our Foreign Qualify has finally been approved by the State of New York! November has been our month to review our Strategic Plan going into 2019! We have so many individuals and donors to thank for this progression but can not list them all at this time. Our Chairman is serious enough about our mission that he volunteered over 1000 hours to the New York schools, community centers, hospice, military, athletics, and more!!! We are quite grateful to those who do more than just talking and exemplify committed strength through hands-on support and direct communication. Word.

As we climb out of our baby stages going into 2019, we plan to begin posting different topics that are related to BMD Health Awareness on the blog page. We anticipate the responses and comments. We hope the Blog page will be the platform for BMD Health topics in all areas for all website visitors and G.F.B. Inc., supporters.

In addition, we are in the process of recording 2 new jazz/Hip-Hop infused promotional CD’s. As always, obstacles arise but will be eliminated with diligence and consistency. We do not ask for support without being in position to protect the trust. We earn trust by displaying genuine honesty, transparency, and integrity. No facades here. Many people have shown they prefer the opposite as they pledge their allegiance to organizations that do not serve the community. Enhancing our communities through Awareness and direct support is what we strive for…from California to New York! Please spread the word and share the website info. Most importantly, continue to support our mission and grow with us. You will be glad you did!

Thanks for your time.

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