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From the Chairman: Reflecting on 2018

Battling with the failings of humanity is a heavy burden to carry. However, we take our duties very seriously and with driven dedication; knowing that few are born to lead without ever misleading others. Many continue to show that they are not capable to be a part of nor affiliated in any way with Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. We exist to rebuild minds through self awareness and accountability. Behavioral, Mental, and Developmental Health has it’s own battlegrounds. Therefore, why should we tolerate those who can not or will not exemplify strength in the middle of us building a “fort”? We can’t and so we don’t.

Our foundation is built on reality, strength, and integrity. The individuals diagnosed with BMD illnesses are who we exist for and we will not deviate in any way from our mission to educate on their behalf. Before anyone attempts to put their feet into Grownfolks shoes, please know that they are much bigger than what you’re used to.  The extra weight makes people drag their feet and slow others down.  We will not tolerate that behavior.  It stagnates growth.



    • Craig Harris

      Greetings Mrs. Luciano and thank you so much for visiting our blog page. Hopefully this New Year has already begun your prosperity! As always, we seek out committed and consistent individuals who can handle working alongside our team. Each new day brings new opportunities. Maybe this year we can finally commit to a new collective strategic plan that will manifest growth for all of our businesses. The community needs an overhaul and only the strong-willed and skilled can handle the job. Again, thank you for stopping by and leaving your feedback.

  1. Issa Salih Umi

    Namaste’ Brother Craig,

    Your year end reflection message is both timely and necessary. No if,’s, ands, buts, or maybes.. if we are not helping our people in the manner that is needed then we are a hindrance. Our character (words, actions, thoughts, company, and habits) as leaders should exalt and exemplify (all that we do) the universal principles, virtues, and values of life.

    • Craig Harris

      Well said Brother. Thanks for taking the time out to reflect with us. As always, we truly appreciate feedback. We look forward to rewarding year. Hopefully, our entities will one day partner to create an even greater impact.

    • Craig Harris

      Peace and love to you Brother. Thanks for stopping by and showing support. As always we are seeking to keep growing and building this organization. A lot of people have on concrete shoes but they never slowed me down. Stay in contact.

    • GFB Exec. Team

      Thank you Alex.

      It is very important we dont forget humanity. Technology has tampered with humanity drastically. This is a very serious problem that goes overlooked. We’re not against technology and how it advanced throughout civilization. However, we do believe in the power of human interaction in order to get the best practice with realistic life and its ongoing uncertainties. What do you think about communication being the foundation for existence? Anyone reading this should send me your feedback as well. Have a great weekend everyone!

    • Craig Harris

      Peace Alex,

      You are definitely right about that. Supporting humanity means keeping ourselves aware of the fact that we are all affected when we join in stigmas that create barriers. Too many people are not confident enough to consider themselves as “aware”. This is why we want to get to know these people and their communities. There is more to know about ourselves than we can handle at times, but it can be managed. Stay in touch.

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