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It’s been a while…

Hello to everyone again.  It has been a long time since anything was posted.  The load is heavy but the journey is full of opportunities.  We have been working diligently, as always, to recruit new members who have the capacity to come from behind technology long enough to establish bonds with us.  Unfortunately, time gets lost as contacts prefer “thumbs up” button rather than be face to face.  The children in our communities are more willing to handle business than the so-called adults are.  Facts.  I can be very intimidating but I have the humility to serve others.

We will be setting up a lemonade stand for the children in our community to experience business ran by our very own KP, a second grader in the community who plans to sign up other students.

Also, we are offering complimentary services to all schools at this time.


    • Craig Harris

      Hello Mrs. KP. Thank you so much for showing interest in working together. We look forward to you building a great group of 2nd and 3rd grader teams. Blessings to you Queen!

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