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Merry Christmas

This post was supposed to be published on Christmas. Our website was experiencing problems on this day. However,”Too many people focus their time and attention on Christmas with little to no realistic reason other than socializing, gifts, and food. But to my understanding, Christmas is supposed to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Although no scholar nor scientist has proven when Jesus was born, society has demanded that we celebrate this day. On the other hand, if this is in fact the birth date of Jesus, we must remember that if we honor him, we must know why. Jesus (is) was not a manipulator, a liar, a procrastinator, a lame, a loser, a speaker of foolishness. Yet, the people who go crazy to celebrate this day strive to be nothing like him. Instead, they’re celebratory rituals are the total opposite of Jesus and go against his teachings.” What are you celebrating?

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