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Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. programs exist to educate the public with Behavioral, Mental, and Developmental Health Awareness curriculum, explain how and why understanding the “Person-Centered Therapy” model can support enhancement of self-awareness, and why public advocacy of BMD Health Awareness is critical to improve human communication and conditions.

Please visit: to discover more about Person-Centered therapy.

Our goal is ongoing community programs. Please be advised that each programs is for the purpose of BMD Health Awareness education, support, and advocacy and we recommend that you familiarize yourself with each program and service.

Prisons, shelters, troubled schools, adult care facilities, and hospice are among our list of dedicated programs to date. We welcome opportunities to work collectively with others; striving to bring assistance and support on a consistent basis. Public BMD Health-related events such as workshops, exhibits, forums/Q&A Sessions, live performances, and additional planned events support our endeavors.

Our foundational programs:

   1. Address That! Handling You. (Curriculum structure in progress)

   2. BMD Health And The Arts: Stimulant Project(s)

   3. “Serve Another Somewhere”:

       Remember To Serve. Remember Humanity Campaign

Recurring programs are made possible through our growing network of volunteers, donors, sponsors, and independent musical and visual artists who dedicate their services to help promote and support BMD Health Awareness.

Address That! Handling You

PROGRAM #1:  This program introduces Person-Centered discussions to help others realize the need for continued self-assessment.

The purpose of this program is to minimize personal stigmas of Behavioral, Mental, and Developmental illnesses by igniting open discussions of overlooked personal problems within ourselves which can ultimately lead to self-inflicted BMD Health illnesses.

Person-Centered Therapy methods are based on a nondirective, empathetic, and compassionate approach proven to empower individuals to “recognize and utilize their own inner capacity and desire for change” through “self-actualization”.

According to the Person-Centered Therapy model, scientific research proves that the need to enhance our lives and the lives of others is naturally at the core of every human being. This core need highly drives us and effects our thoughts, decisions, behaviors, and can be identified through dedicated self-actualization.

BMD Health and The Arts: Stimulant Project

PROGRAM #2:  Music and Visual Arts are supportive tools for our educational awareness programs; serving as stimulants to minimize disharmony and stigmas that create barriers.

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. strongly believes that anyone can benefit from BMD Heath Awareness services when they are merged with the therapeutic effects of music and visual arts. This is how we implement innovative art into therapeutic programs and services. Our artistic community and group projects stimulate community participation and cooperation.

   a. BMD Health and The Arts Program and Exhibits

   b. “Arts as A Stimulant” Project(s)

   c. “Paint by Numbers”: Environment Beautification Mural(s)

   d. Instrumental Music, Live Performances, Poetry/Spoken Word Events

Arts and entertainment is currently proven to have effective and positive results within the health industry. According to multiple health databases, the Arts serve as an effective means to counterattack the shortcomings of traditional Behavioral, Mental, and Developmental therapeutic methods within the health sector.

Engaging in artistic activities, as an observer or creator, enhances moods, emotions, psychological states and relieves stress.

This program’s artistic structure is used in a variety of ways to heal, increase understanding of oneself and others, develop capacities for self-reflection, reduce symptoms, and alter behaviors and thinking patterns with positive outcomes.  To learn more about our artistic services, please visit:

“Serve Another Somewhere” Campaign

PROGRAM #3:  All humans, no matter the   illness or status, should be acknowledged.    Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. stands firm on   our commitment to “self and social enhancement”. We stand firm on ethical actions to self and others and prefer to be hands-on; always visible and active within our communities; providing direct communication, education, and support on behalf of those individuals who may be avoided, overlooked, and stigmatized.

Our  “Serve Another. Somewhere.”Campaign sows positive and supportive contributions into the lives of others who may be experiencing difficult circumstances.  This campaign was established for the sole purpose to address immediate community needs with the help of volunteer/support teams who commit to helping others receive basic necessities and additional support on a consistent basis.

This movement is to remind us that BMD Health Awareness can create positive outcomes.

The 3 main goals are:

a. To manifest awareness of self value, self-worth, self-respect, and self-confidence

b. To restore diminished or lost faith in humanity

c. To restore empathy and compassion one to another

We do not, in any way, attempt to influence anyone, but we do encourage everyone to contact our organization for any BMD program and service needs.