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Real Rap

The holidays fools you into believing you’re actually a person who makes an impact; frustrating to our organization how it seems to be a society norm for individuals and groups to serve/help another and then hurry to take a picture to post it. I refuse to do this. People’s rights are being violated w/o their permission everyday. Many do not know that they have any rights; society stomps on those all day to look good at the expense of another’s pain and sorrow.
The homeless families under bridges, the starving abandoned veterans who have served for our freedom, the homes we clean, the children we mentor and coach, the disabled and forgotten who we serve, the inmates who are seeking a better life other than crime, the seniors who rot away in their homes and need our cooking, cleaning, and help with important paperwork, the abandoned animals and on and on: NONE will never be violated simply so someone can see a picture. I refuse to exploit people’s illnesses and disabilities. This is how many of you get fooled; facades in the forms of “doctored” pictures. A picture is nothing more but a moment in time. This is why we have few donors and fund our own team! People spend more time in front of a camera than handling business. We don’t focus on what people are trying to discover in a picture, we live it everyday and no camera can capture the dedicated work we do; nor can a thumbs up button save a life. Stop trying to figure it out via websites and pictures. Hands On…or move on.

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