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Grown. Folks. Business, Inc. and Community Art

Unlike most BMD Health nonprofit organizations, Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. contracts independent visual artists and musicians as dedicated affiliates who commit to create and work at industry levels to support our mission and fundraising activities such as: live performances, visual artistic works, workshops, interviews, and more as a therapeutic supportive movement on behalf of BMD Health Awareness. Proceeds from works and services are used to assist and support our mission.

What Is Grown. Folks. Business, Inc. Arts Services?

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. Services is a modern day functional artistic program. Each program is used as a stimulant to assist and support the purpose of our nonprofit programs, services, and fundraising. It is a system of corresponding music and visual art repurposed towards creating collective community driven music and art programs, services, and projects.

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. artists exist as a community oriented group dedicated to building communities through a system of community-involved artistic programs. The goal is to cover certain neighborhoods one at a time; striving for maximal community involvement by canvassing neighborhoods to initiate community inclusive music and visual art movements.

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. affiliated artists offer full scale musical and visual artistic works, art education, and community beautification services. We have combined years of professional and artistic expertise through our partnerships with music and visual artists from multiple states.

We offer music education and instrumental music, live performances, poetry/spoken word, song, and mentoring support to all.

We utilize the works of and partnerships with various community artists to independently raise funds. Combining our awareness services with artistic stimulant support has tremendously grown our network and organizational value.

Our organization stands firm on its partnership with musical and visual artists. Musical and visual artists from various communities are always welcome to support and join our movement.

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. artistic services promotes community inclusion and involvement without barriers. To continue and expand our artistic services to multiple communities, we require initiative and dedication.

Create Neighborhood Teams

Neighborhood/community participants will create teams for their particular area comprised of local groups and community members to offer their specific talents to projects. These teams may include local artists from the neighborhood, journalists, photographers, videographers or simply people who volunteer time, labor, and other contributions to their community’s projects

Create a marketing agenda specific to the neighborhood

Marketing materials may include fliers and posters to inform community neighborhoods that an artistic initiative to beautify and include their particular area has emerged. Information on how to get involved, donate, and contribute will be readily available and dispersed to the public. Viral videos and press releases will be created and pursued.

Create maximal involvement / interest in the project

Databases of contacts and participants for each neighborhood are consistently created. Obtaining waivers, legal documents, permits and contracts are made possible through dedicated partnerships with community participants. An online community chat forum will be launched with the assistance and support of the communities.

Projects, Workshops and Events

All artistic services are setup as community-involved events.

Design and Plan out Projects

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. artists plan and design the framework of program projects and events according to community suggestions, feedback, and regulations as we partner with other local artists to personalize each program and event specific to each community.

Optional Workshops to Teach Musical and Visual Arts as a stimulant

Artistic workshops, programs, and services are available to teach therapeutic artistic techniques. Community participants are always welcome.

Event Based Art Sessions

Diligent effort is made to create, implement, and exemplify exciting and nourishing community events by providing food, photo and video shoots, live music and visual art, DJ’s, public speeches, Q & A Sessions, exhibits, BMD Health information, and media exposure. All forms of media are invited and welcome to assist the promotion of these events.

Mass Media

The entire project process will be heavily publicized to the public within each community. Celebrities and community leaders are welcome to join us.