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“Who’s gonna stop us?”, they say…

There are many things to discuss since 2017.  However, our main concern is how our organization deals with so many nonprofits, businesses, and internet companies that are too comfortable with their disrespectful behavior.  It’s such a shame that they are allowed to hide behind the internet.  No accountability, no integrity, and too much sarcasm.  We are not new to this “catch me if you can” behavior.  We exist to provide support and services to those who get “ran over” by these hidden companies.  They’re online advertising false content with and take no accountability when they fail to uphold their policies.  What’s worse is when our disabled, veterans, and seniors are deprived of services and their information is stored in databases with disregard for resolution.  GROWN FOLKS BUSINESS INC. will continue to advocate on behalf of those who are taken advantage of and we continue do our best to ensure that our organization does not become a victim.  Share your story and let us know if you agree or disagree.  We’re always interested in the public’s point of view.

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