Our History

About The Founder

This movement launched in 2011 in the South Bronx, beginning as an independent music entity which transitioned the independent music of Craig Dunn who adopted the pseudonym Mic Militant. During this time Craig Dunn was a salaried New York employee within the BMD Health industry. His daily life is heavily engulfed in BMD Health and The Arts. He believes that his clinical growth and experience infused with Arts and Entertainment is an effective method to improve his life and the lives of others.  His vision grows as he continues service on behalf of individuals with extremely low to high functioning BMD Health issues.

Our founder envisions a global movement dedicated to a new and elevated philosophy, mentality, and way of life by those who lead by example and possess a genuine dedication to social responsibility with heightened respect for humanity; especially for individuals who suffer from extreme BMD illnesses and conditions. This gave birth to Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. which is more than just a name.  It is a way of life that our organization strongly believes ALL should strive to live by.

Compelled to improve and enhance human interaction among us ALL, Mr. Dunn seeks out and studies massive areas of therapeutic methods and techniques which elevates Behavioral, Mental, and Developmental Health Awareness goals and services with Person-Centered Therapy being our foundation. Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. is built on strong belief that everyone can better exist, live, and interact together by remembering to first hold ourselves accountable and remembering to implement daily acts of awareness, empathy, respect, and service.

By combining BMD Health Awareness and education alongside The Arts, he continues to challenge the stigmas within our communities by offering awareness services that are needed and should be welcomed, taught, and shared within public sectors everywhere.

Mic Militant oversees musical and visual artistic works that support awareness education.

Our Vision

Grown.Folks.Business, Inc. executes educational lessons, current case theories, and personal experiences to empower others with elevated levels of BMD Health Awareness to resurface “human respect”.

The name “Grown.Folks.Business, Inc.” expands from a lifestyle of principles which derive from dedication, experience, and reality.  Our BMD Health Awareness services combined with Music and Visual Arts maximizes public knowledge and understanding of BMD Health in a creative, stimulating, and inclusive manner.

We are a small team with high impact; accepting assistance and support of only those who sincerely believe in and support our mission. In 2015, we officially took the vision into over 40 states; initiating and implementing our “hands-on” dedication to humanity with our own funding. G.F.B. Inc. is incorporate in California and New York; continuing to spread awareness no matter the obstacles.

Our Grown Folks Business includes:

Animal Advocacy
Appreciation Services
Awareness for Humanity
Behavioral Support
Charity Services
Community Cleanup and Beautification
Disability Support
Dietary/Nutritional Services
Family Support
Female Support Services
Gang Prevention/Awareness
Hunger Relief
Labor/Employment Services
Literacy/Tutoring Services
Men/Young Men Support
Mental and Developmental Health Support Services
Mentoring Services
Music and Art Services
Parent/Family Support
Poverty relief
Public Speaking
Prison Support Services
Religious Services
School/Educational Support
Senior/Elder Care and Relief Support
Substance Abuse/Dependency
Volunteer Services
Youth Services